Safety Features on the New Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross in Medina

The Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross is one of the most popular options in our selection of New Mitsubishi Cars and SUVs, and a big part of why is its full arrangement of available safety systems.

Here are what active safety features come available on the new Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross:

  • Adaptive Cruise Control: This system uses radar and cameras to ensure you have a safe following distance while cruising, adjusting your speed when vehicles are too close.
  • Blind Spot Warning with Lane Change Assist: This system uses radar to detect vehicles in or approaching your blind spot. Once detected, your vehicle will alert you to the obstacles and let you know if it's unsafe to merge or change lanes.
  • Forward Collision Mitigation: This system uses laser radar and cameras to detect imminent front-end collisions. Once detected, your vehicle alerts you to the danger and applies the brakes automatically, slowing or stopping your vehicle to minimize the impact of the collision.
  • Lane Departure Warning: This system uses cameras to monitor your road position. Your Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross lets you know when you're drifting unintentionally from your lane.
  • All-Around Camera System: Drive confidently with a full view behind, in front of, and beside your vehicle with this multiple camera system.
  • Rear Cross Traffic Alert: This system uses radar technology to detect oncoming cross-traffic while you're reversing. Your Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross will notify you of incoming obstacles, so you can maneuver with confidence.

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